For more than 30 years, Frank Shann's little booklet has helped physicians all around the world prescribe drugs. DrugDoses now contains more than 2500 entries. It lists every drug commonly prescribed for systemic use in both adults and children. Copies of the booklet can be obtained from

Fifteen years ago, we have released a PDA version of Frank Shann's booklet. We now have both an iOS and an Android version!
These versions not only contain the latest version of the drug doses, but also many other features:
- more than 150 current laboratory values
- a useful cardiology database
- a calculator that will help you give the correct resuscitation doses when you are coding a child
- PedCalc, with the most common pediatric scores and formulas: Alveolo-arterial gradient, Anion gap, Apgar score, Blunt abdominal trauma score, Body mass index, Body surface area, Creatinine clearance - measured, Creatinine clearance - estimated, Endotracheal tube sizes, FeNa, Glasgow Coma Score, Neonatal central lines, Oxygen index, Pediatric trauma score, Predicted spirometry values, QTc, Tubular phosphate reabsorption